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No Cut Corners

  • We use a scientifically developed AI that has been used to study star formation, and cancer treatments. This software has 30+ years of development behind it and exists no where else in the world.

  • We use your full data set to find the optimal segmentation of the players and machines. We do all of the time consuming data processing on our end, we do not require you to send us specifically formatted data.

  • We provide slot recommendations based on unique machine segmentation that is tailored to your casino's data. This means you can use your current game distributors to get the content that we suggest.

  • Our software provides a solution for machine replacement that takes your budget for new machines into account. You do not need to spend time doing this budget analysis yourself.

  • Our software takes into account not only machine performance, but location on the floor as well.

  • We do not evaluate machines individually. Removing or adding a machine effects the performance of all machines around it as well as the performance of all machines similar to it. Calculating these effects is what we do that others do not, and it is the key to maximizing your slot floor revenue.

  • We are a boutique firm, the people who built the software and the people doing your customer service are the same people delivering the solution to you. You will never get a minimal experienced intern working on your project.

Identifying Pseudo Solutions

Here are some flags to look out for that can help you identify slot floor optimization that will not work well:

  • Slot machines are each evaluated individually rather than the floor evaluated as a whole.

  • Software uses only basic mathematical tools and does not use advanced artificial intelligence to properly evaluate solutions.

  • Recommendations are for specific machines, pushing you to work with specific game distributors.

  • The results are shown with flashy graphics that are designed to distract from the fact that they do not give you very much information.

  • The solution requires you to subscribe to an expensive piece of software rather than allowing you to use free standard tools such as Excel spreadsheets.

  • The solution does not provide predictions for revenue uplift. This often means they do not actually know how much their recommendations will help you, or if they will help you at all.

  • The solution relies heavily on increasing machine hold.

Why Get The Full Solution

Advantages of getting the full solution that only nQube provides are:

  • We work within the constraints of your budget to provide monthly recommendations for updates to your slot floor.

  • We can actually predict the uplift in win that our recommendations will have.

  • Our suggestions provide the most revenue increase for each dollar spent on new machines.

  • We do not rely on tricks or flashy graphics, but instead use complex math that our team understands from years of Graduate and Post Graduate study (our CEO and COO both have PhD's in Physics).

  • We deliver our results in Excel which makes it simple for any of your teams members to understand and work with.

  • We are the only people who can actually solve the slot floor optimization problem.

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