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Reel AI

Reel AI™ is our flagship product. It is a powerful AI-guided optimization platform designed to find the best possible mix of slot machines (including Class II, Class III, and Video Poker) to place on the slot floor, carefully tuned to the preferences and behavior of players, as determined directly from player tracking data.


Reel AI learns the playing style of multiple player segments and discovers trends in the data to optimize both the content and arrangement of the slot floor.

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Reel AI contains a revolutionary AI-based segmentation algorithm developed by nQube, which automatically learns the best possible way to segment slot machines into categories, based on denomination, volatility, manufacturer, cabinet type, theme, and any other machine attributes. The software automatically learns which factors are important, and which attributes lead to higher performance, using data specific to the casino and customers.


Reel AI contains a novel dilution model, which models the supply of machines and the demand of players to accurately calculate the non-linear effects of adding or removing machines to a segment containing similar slot machines, and to the casino as a whole.


Reel AI informs purchasing decisions by mathematically determining which machine segments are either over-represented or needed at the casino. An accurate understanding of over-/under-represented slot segments can result in very substantial cost savings.

Reel AI is based on powerful new methods that automatically:

  • Discover the optimal segmentation of existing slot machines;

  • Find the optimal segmentation of the player database, based on ADT and/or other characteristics derived from data sources across the property;

  • Generate a model of slot floor utilization by player segment, machine segment, and time;

  • Determine trends in usage for each machine and player segment;

  • Optimize the mix of slot machines to maximize the efficient utilization of the floor, taking into account any trends that are discovered;

  • Recommend new content, subject to operator constraints on the number of acquisitions, and;

  • Track the optimal configuration to occasionally tune slot floor composition and arrangement, to maintain optimality as business conditions, player demographics, and preferences change.

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Reel AI Spatial

Reel AI Spatial™ is an add-on to the base Reel AI. It is a secondary spatial optimization component determines the optimal arrangement of machines on the floor to maximize the efficient utilization of slot floor assets. This component optimizes the floor by taking into account the effects of different rooms or regions on the floor, the position of a slot machine within a bank of machines, and the distance to other casino features such as major walkways, table games, walls, entrances, bars and other attributes.

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In addition to the perks of Reel AI, Reel AI Spatial will:

  • Calculate the impact of location, bank position, and distance from casino features (entrances, bars, table games, etc.) on the performance of each machine segment, and;

  • Optimize the layout of the casino, subject to operator constraints.

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Reel Segmentation

Core to Reel AI are AI-driven segmentation algorithms that segment both players and slot machines. Reel AI generates a model of slot floor utilization by player segment, machine segment, and time, and then optimizes the slot floor by matching the segmented player groups to their preferred machine categories by varying the mix and location of machines.


Both the player segmentation and slot machine segmentation technologies can be decoupled from Reel AI and used independently. This information can be used to better understand your player’s slot machine preferences, to aid in purchasing slot machines, or by slot machines manufacturers to create slot machines perfectly tunes to player’s interest.


It is important to note that, although we have focused on slot machine segmentation, nQube’s decision tree segmentation engine is data-agnostic, and can be used for any appropriate segmentation problem.

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Using AI-driven segmentation techniques, players are segmented by finding groups with similar play behavior, resulting in a set of distinct player profiles. The segmentation scheme is optimized to maximize similarities within segments and highlight differences between them. An operator can use this information to market specific machines to players within these segments, and to make recommendations to players as to which machines they might enjoy playing. 

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Reel AI Light

Reel AI Light™ uses similar processes to Reel AI to optimize the slot floor, except that it does not require as detailed data and can not include Reel AI Spatial as and add-on. Reel AI Light does not require player tracking data.

Reel AI Light uses less data and a more simple optimization method. Specifically we need only your monthly reconciliation report for Reel AI Light

Reel AI Light provides recommendations on types of machines to retire and types of machines to add to the floor. It also does machine type segmentation.

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Reel AI Light has a much faster turn around than the full Reel AI. Reel AI Light solutions that increase slot floor win can be delivered soon after the data is received.

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Custom Projects and Consulting

We are the people who solve problems that others say are unsolvable. We can deal with any kind of custom data modeling or optimization problem. If you need something done but aren't sure how to go about it, please get in touch.

We specialize in data modeling, optimization, and simulations using powerful artificial intelligence.


Our team has a background in academia solving complex new and unique problems. We have done important work on cutting edge science, mathematics, and software design.

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